Zachary N Einerson – 2017

Zachary N EinersonZachary N Einerson, a native of Fort Collins, Colorado, has called many places around the world home. Now home is wherever he and his wife are able to be together; currently that is St Andrews, Scotland.

Zac has dedicated the past nearly two decades to the promotion and pursuit of education. For nearly ten years after completing a BA in History, second major in Political Science, at Colorado State University, he worked in the field of international education presenting students the opportunity to internationalize their education. Taking his own advice, Zac left his career to further his own international education in Scotland.

At the University of St Andrews, Zac successfully completed a Master of Letters in Middle East and Central Asian Security Studies in 2013 and a Master of Letters in Iranian Studies with distinction in the dissertation in 2014. To assuage his desire for continued academic advancement and to secure necessary language requirements for his future PhD research, he moved to Iran in 2015 to study Persian language.

In September 2016, he began his PhD in Iranian Studies at the University of St Andrews researching the history of modern sports in Iran.

Gregory B McLean II – 2016

Gregory B McLean IIGregory McLean is from Clinton, New York. He attended Bard College, earning a BA in Political Studies with an emphasis on international relations, the Middle East and Islamic Finance, for which he was awarded the John Bard Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement in the Social Sciences. After graduation, Gregory joined the U.S. Army and commissioned as an Infantry officer, where he served as a plans officer, rifle platoon leader, executive officer and chief logistics officer before deciding to transition into the Army Reserves as an Intelligence officer. While living in Scotland, he will also be serving at the Joint Analysis Center at JRISE Molesworth, England.

Gregory will continue his studies of Middle Eastern politics at the University of St. Andrews in the Middle East and Central Asian Security Studies M.Litt programme in the School of International Relations.

Ben Varner – 2015

Ben VarnerBen Varner hails from Omaha, and joined the Army after the September 11th attacks. In 2004 the Group he was assigned to in Iraq awarded him Engineer Soldier of the Year. Soon after returning he married, and he and his wife now have four children. After his contract with the Army ended in 2010, he focused on his education in earnest, though he worked full time throughout the duration of his studies, and graduated from Wheaton College with honors, earning a BA in Biblical Studies.

Now a student at the University of St. Andrews and residing in Anstruther, Ben will continue his research of early Christianity in the School of Divinity’s Scripture and Theology MLitt programme.

Caitlin Flynn – 2014

Caitlin FlynnCaitlin Flynn, our first recipient (2014), is originally from Seattle, Washington. She attended The University of Washington and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with Dean’s List honors. Caitlin went on to receive a Master of Letters in Medieval English Literature from The University of St. Andrews with Distinction in the dissertation. Her dissertation is entitled “Comic Supernaturalism in Ten Bannatyne Manuscript Poems.”

In September 2013 Caitlin will commence her PhD research at The University of St. Andrews under the supervision of Dr. Rhiannon Purdie. Her thesis is entitled “Grotesque Imagery in Late Medieval Scottish and English Literature.” Caitlin holds a University of St. Andrews 600th Anniversary Fellowship.